The Manchester Open Exhibition and Film Screening, 2022. Translations, International online festival of digital works, DadaFest, 2020.                
Collaborative performance and film directed by Nicola Smith and edited by Jake Ryan was originally commissioned by DadaFest, Unlimited, The Granada Foundation. Inspired by a series of online videos encouraging people to keep fit whilst dancing in their chair, artist Nicola questions what happens when bodies behave in ways different from perceived norms. Nicola invited Monique Jarrette, Another Adele and Kevin French to create their own Chair Dancing interpretation. 
With a combination of visible and invisible disabilities, these artists and performers reinterpret Chair Dancing, challenging perceptions that everyone should move and look the same way, revealing how each individual’s social reality causes them to move in their own unique ways, directing their own bodies in space. 
Grab your plates and enjoy the show.
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