I facilitated a collaborative performance that developed over a 2-month residency period this included school studio time, film documentary of the process and gallery rehearsals at Manchester Art Gallery engaging directly with autistic children. The concept was to explore the action of spinning through visuals, sound, movement and to research how to co-produce an inclusive public performance with Grange School students. I achieved this by creating an open sensory environment in the studio using visuals, language, demonstrations and free play/movement. I used light projection on the walls, which acted like a mirror that the children interacted with that initiated the beginnings of developing the choreography. 
The process was documented by film maker Jake Ryan, which I found to be a valuable reflective material for everyone involved and it was used in the final piece. The live performance titled ‘Spinning’ was presented as a multi media, sensory, co-choreographed piece supported by Manchester Art Gallery. Photography courtesy of Jake Ryan.
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